Monday, May 6, 2013

WPA Outcomes for Freshman Composition

In thinking about my experiences as a Freshman Composition TA at NAU, I have been thinking about the WPA outcomes: rhetorical knowledge; critical thinking, reading, and writing; processes; knowledge of conventions; and composing in electronic environments. This is a set of principles to guide writing teachers in preparing university level writers to be successful throughout their academic careers.

Link to the WPA outcomes

M.A. TESL in Review

I've just submitted my final assignment toward my M.A. TESL degree. It feels great. This degree has been bootcamp for two years, but what a rewarding experience! I wanted to make a list of the courses  and remember some of the most important things I learned.

Fall 2011

  • Foundations of ESL Teaching
    • Affective factors in language learning
    • Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
    • TBLT, CBI
  • Intro to Language and Linguistics
    • Phonology
  • Teaching Assistantship Practicum (ENG 105)
    • TESLers vs. Creative Writers
  • TESL Practicum (German TA)
    • Affective filter
    • Teacher proficiency in CLT
  • Professional Development
    • Keep the resume short and sweet

Spring 2012

  • Sociolinguistics
    • Sociolinguistic relativity
    • Speech acts
    • Discourse analysis
  • Grammar
    • Everything!
    • Relative clauses
    • Corpus linguistics
  • Listening and Speaking Methodology
    • Pronunciation
    • Technology
  • TESL Practicum (Course for visiting scholars from China)
    • Co-teaching

Fall 2012

  • ESL Assessment
    • Reliability, Practicality, Validity
    • Item writing
    • Raters
    • Item analysis
    • Test development
    • Time management
  • Reading and Writing Methodology
    • Vocabulary is king
    • Reading fluency
    • CBI
  • Teaching Assistantship Practicum (Program in Intensive English)
    • Teaching styles
  • TESL Practicum (Discipline-specific Writing Support)
    • Course development
  • Professional Development
    • Flesh out the resume

Spring 2013

  • Curriculum and Program Administration
    • Course design and development
    • Pronunciation Lab project
    • Leadership
  • Computer Applications in Linguistics
    • Technology is the future
    • Google Docs
  • Leadership Skill Development
    • Styles
    • Strategies
    • Techniques
    • Writing prompts
  • TESL Practicum (Volleyball-based Instruction)
    • Leadership
    • Classroom management
    • Couse development
    • Comprehensible input