Thursday, June 11, 2015

Using Facebook Groups to Extend the Language Classroom

This photo of me is from a recent presentation with my colleague, Yuliya Speroff,
about using Facebook Groups in the classroom.

Check out our slides from Meliksah ELT Day 2015

From our abstract: 

ESOL Teachers are always looking for practical ways to facilitate communication withstudents and promote autonomous learning outside the classroom. Technology and the internet have opened myriad channels for communication and learning; however, today’s vast array of web 2.0 platforms (Dubravac, 2013) offer almost too many options for teachers. Moreover using multiple platforms for socializing and completing class work can create an unmanageable amount of separate accounts for students to check. To reach students easily, why not use a platform they are already familiar with and checking daily? Facebook offers a user interface that is simple, yet capable of many of the functions teachers want. Using a private Facebook group, teachers can easily post links to resources, multimedia homework assignments, and class reminders. Students receive notifications of posts from the teacher; and they can easily post videos and other multimedia back to the group, send messages to the teacher or to other students, and find new ways to participate in their classroom community. The extension from classroom to Facebook Group may help to promote autonomous learning and a sense of comradery in students who would otherwise depend on the teacher or coursebook as the only sources of input.

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