Sunday, January 12, 2014

Student Testimonials

I compiled this list of student testimonials and evaluations because these comments reflect my teaching philosophy. I absolutely love when students respond to the activities, atmosphere, and philosophy in my classes. Helping students improve a skill, develop a strategy, or just enjoy learning are some of the most important reasons why I teach.

Fall 2013 Students, ENG 105 Critical Reading and Writing for the University Community

“This course was very well done. The assignments were not overwhelming. They helped me become a better writer. The instructor ran a structured and organized class that
put all of the emphasis on learning the material rather than trying to figure out what the instructor wanted.”

“I think you created a great friendly atmosphere in the classroom and adapted well to the students' different skill levels and methods for writing.”

“I liked that we worked in groups a lot and that we all had a chance to speak our mind and ask questions. Every assignment was explained well and the working
environment was always positive.”

“I feel there was nothing major that could impede me from learning in this particular class. She does an exceptional job working with students. I hope my future teachers are
like her.”

Spring 2013 Students, Program in Intensive English Level 5 Listening and Speaking

“Her activities are really good, and we learn new things. Thank you, Jena. “

“She is a best teacher in level 5 for me because she has a good activities in class

Spring 2012 Student, ENG 105 Program in Intensive English Section

“In my experience, the teacher did very well to deliver the information in many ways to us.”

Fall 2011 Students, ENG 105

“I really appreciated the fact that the instructor took all measures to ensure that all the students understood each assignment. She always sought out ways to better teach the material and always provided challenging and positive feedback for all of our writing assignments.”

“I think that she showed genuine interest in her students. She gave modern day media and actual examples that connected us back to the topic we were discussing. Allowing us to choose our topics (for the most part) motivated me to write the assignments.”

“She used many different strategies and it helped us learn. She made it fun too.”

“The teacher was aware of the practical applications for writing rather than just what a textbook says writing is for.”

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